This is the jumping of page for my writing.  I have several categories summarized below, and all of my writing is posted under a Creative Commons Attribution, Non-Commercial, Share-Alike License.  Basically, you can repost anything provided you give me credit and, any additions or changes need to be shared as well.  Commercial use is right out- unless you want to talk with me first 😉

#FridayFlash – Flash pieces are self contained fiction in 1,000 words or less, typically with a twist at the end.  While it can be challenging to write, it is a fantastic way to try different styles, techniques, and genres.  While I tend to gravitate to SciFi, Fantasy, and Horror, you’ll find other genres here too.

Meta – Warning, here be navel gazing!  Basically, writing about writing, this is where I talk about my own successes, failures, and struggles in honing my craft.

Photos-Art-Comix – This is where I talk about the photos I’ve taken, the artwork I’ve done myself, and share my thoughts on Comics and Graphic Novels.

Raves, Reviews, and Rants – I use a custom Emoji rating system to offer my opinion on a variety of things, including books, movies, and TV shows.

Gaming – I enjoy tabletop wargaming, amongst many others, and this is where I talk about it.  I’ll also occasionally post alternative, and or supplemental, rules to various games.  I’m also working on my own game, and will hopefully be sharing its rules here soon.

Drink! – Beverages are a special joy.  Spirits, Wines, Ciders, and especially Beer are Portland specialities, it’d be shame not to talk about them!

Life, the Universe, and Everything – These are rather underpopulated at the moment, but this is where I write about myself; science, spirituality, and religion; and everything that doesn’t fit anywhere else.