Twitter Valentines Poems

I posted some politically themed Valentines Day poems on Twitter yesterday, riffing off the venerable, "Roses are red, Violets are blue..." Regardless of your thoughts on the content, you gotta admit I did pretty good with the meter!  For posterity: Roses AREN'T red! Violets AREN'T blue! Says the new @GOP, Gaslighting you. Roses are red, … Continue reading Twitter Valentines Poems

Plain, Plaid Dress

The inspiration for this poem hit last week and I started writing it then. It is the first poem I've written in, literally, years, and it is most definitely a product of the current turmoil coming from President Bannon's pushing of White Nationalism on the nation. Plain, Plaid Dress A town, a city, a quiet suburb? … Continue reading Plain, Plaid Dress


|| America was Great at the end of Word War II.  We were instrumental in defeating Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan, both of whom committed atrocities in the name of Nationalism, Patriotism, and racial purity. Now, under the motto of "Make America Great Again" our Government is literally embracing the Fascism we fought against. They are … Continue reading #Resist