The Hero With (Slightly Less Than) 1,000 Faces

The Hero With (Slightly Less Than) 1,000 Faces D. Paul Angel Interim Review, currently at "Not Good" I first heard about The Hero With a 1,000 Faces when I was at UCSB, over 20 years ago now. As with many Star Wars fans, I had heard how much George Lucas praised the book, and how … Continue reading The Hero With (Slightly Less Than) 1,000 Faces

A Tale of Two Flags

A Tale of Two Flags D. Paul Angel I am currently reading The Hero With a Thousand Faces by Joseph Campbell with Sonia Lal and Katherine Hajer (who has already managed to post an early review of it!). It is a book rife with symbols. Some of which are patently obvious, some of which require … Continue reading A Tale of Two Flags