International Women’s Day

|| I didn’t realize yesterday was International Women’s Day yesterday until rather late into the evening because I was working on a trial. I’ve been paralegalling for over 16 years now, and every one of my supervisors has been a woman, save one.  I’ve had the honor of working with quite a few attorney’s over … Continue reading International Women’s Day

Colin Kaepernick

Colin Kaepernick announced Friday that he is no longer standing for the national anthem in recognition of the marginalized groups still being oppressed within the US. It is a peaceful, personal protest, and is a stance very much embraced by our First Amendment. So, predictably, a lot of people lost their shit over it, and … Continue reading Colin Kaepernick


I recently had the honor and privilege of marching in Portland's Pride Parade.  My office was marching with a local community group who invited us to accompany them, and flying the magnificent flag you see here.  While our office has been participating for the last several years, this was my first time.  I haven’t gone … Continue reading Pride