The Utopian Paradise of Blade Runner

|| Blade Runner, originally released in 1982, was filmed as a Dystopia set in 2019, and will soon have a sequel set, I assume, in 2049. Rolling into 2017 makes us less than two years away from experiencing it for reals. And while we certainly need to get a jump-start on the Offworld Colonies, flying … Continue reading The Utopian Paradise of Blade Runner

Toxic False Equivalencies

A couple days ago Conservative cartoonist Glenn McCoy once again exemplified the Republican penchant for false equivalencies.  As you can see below, he tried to compare billionaire Betsy DeVos to six year old Ruby Bridges in Normal Rockwell's iconic The Problem We All Live With. DeVos not only has no experience in education, but she donated thousands of … Continue reading Toxic False Equivalencies


|| America was Great at the end of Word War II.  We were instrumental in defeating Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan, both of whom committed atrocities in the name of Nationalism, Patriotism, and racial purity. Now, under the motto of "Make America Great Again" our Government is literally embracing the Fascism we fought against. They are … Continue reading #Resist