The Stab of Betrayal

The Stab of Betrayal The Brass Automaton Saga Part XVI Mark Gardner started the Brass Automaton Saga over at Article 94 and then invited me to play along.  His Project Page has links to all of the stories and background on the story itself, which is a mashup between Terminator and Snow White.  If you're … Continue reading The Stab of Betrayal

Beginnings Chapter 2 — Overboard

Beginnings -- Chapter 2 #FridayFlash Overboard D. Paul Angel 658 Words This is a continuation of "Beginnings," Mark Gardner's #FridayFlash from 26 September 2014 on his fantastic blog Article 94. Mark wrote it as a stream of consciousness piece on an old school typewriter. In the comments he gave me permission to continue to the … Continue reading Beginnings Chapter 2 — Overboard