Twitter Valentines Poems

I posted some politically themed Valentines Day poems on Twitter yesterday, riffing off the venerable, "Roses are red, Violets are blue..." Regardless of your thoughts on the content, you gotta admit I did pretty good with the meter!  For posterity: Roses AREN'T red! Violets AREN'T blue! Says the new @GOP, Gaslighting you. Roses are red, … Continue reading Twitter Valentines Poems

The Inaugural Singularity

No one expected the Singularity. A Singularity had certainly been postulated, discussed, and dissected ad infinitum, but this was different- it was real. It proved unequivocally that the observed was influenced by the observer, that Dark Energy was real, and that we were its progenitors.  It was the darkness within us that fed it, creating a feedback loop … Continue reading The Inaugural Singularity