The Hero With (Slightly Less Than) 1,000 Faces

The Hero With (Slightly Less Than) 1,000 Faces D. Paul Angel Interim Review, currently at "Not Good" I first heard about The Hero With a 1,000 Faces when I was at UCSB, over 20 years ago now. As with many Star Wars fans, I had heard how much George Lucas praised the book, and how … Continue reading The Hero With (Slightly Less Than) 1,000 Faces

Blue Milk Special – ****

Blue Milk Special By Leanne and Rod Hannah * * * * Star Wars came out when I was in First grade. Other than having a squirt gun for a blaster and a whiffle bat for lightsabre, there was actually very little of the movie that I remembered. I did have a decent collection of … Continue reading Blue Milk Special – ****