Star Wars Thoughts Part I: PHASMA

|| One of the first movies I saw in theaters was Star Wars when I would have been around 4. I don't remember much of that first viewing, but I knew enough of the movie (and the toys!) to instantly recognize the commercial for Empire Strikes Back. I remember watching the Millenium Falcon dodge around asteroids, and … Continue reading Star Wars Thoughts Part I: PHASMA

On the Forciness of Lightsabers

On the Forciness of Lightsabers D. Paul Angel || I was thinking of Star Wars recently, like you do, and I had a thought about lightsabers that I think would have made them even cooler: what if Forciness was required to control the blade? Right? So instead of just anyone flicking on a lightsaber and … Continue reading On the Forciness of Lightsabers