Published Works

Below you will find a (hopefully) ever growing list of my published works, either as an author or an editor and/or contributor.


Brass Automaton – Co-Authored with Mark Gardner, this novella is a mashup between Snow White and Terminator.  In a Magick infused Steampunk Universe. Because, really, where else would such a mashup occur?  (Work on its sequel, Brass Queen, will commence this Spring too!)


Heart of Farkness – One of the webs oldest news aggregator sites, Fark has been around since the late 90’s!  Not only does it have some of the best discussions anywhere on the web, it also has, by far, the cleverest headlines, and a weekly writers’ thread.  It’s this last one that decided on a whim to publish a anthology of works from out members.  It is a huge book, and its stories range from the great to the wonderful to the brilliant.  While my stories didn’t make it in, deservedly so, I was able to a tiny, little bit to help as a reader.

Through a Scanner Farkly – The 2017 version of the Fark Fiction Anthology mentioned above, this time I did extensive reading to help pick the stories and, happily, had my own story Awkward Vitae included!

Boeing 737: The World’s Jetliner – Due to be released in July 2017, I helped edit this book for my good friend Dan Dornsief.  Dan is a Captain at Southwest, and he wrote this as a definitive history of the world’s best selling airliner.  It was a pleasure to work on it with him, and I am looking forward to its release.