Oh, No, Not Again: Occam’s .44


2019 Oh, No, Not Again
Our amazing cover art was done by  Genevieve Shapiro, who’s also one of our awesome editors 🙂

|| Another year down, another Fark Fiction Anthology available for your purchase on Amazon!


I was once again honored to be one of the volunteer editors for our annual effort to highlight the Fark Community’s writing skills, this year titled Oh, No, Not Again. I’m extremely proud of it, and also happy that my own little story, Occam’s .44, made the cut as well!  It’s the same format as Supr Ayum, my 2018 entry in Everybody Panic!. It’s told through dialogue without any descriptions, save but for half a dozen clarifying sound effects.  It’s a flash length vignette sharing the sordid tale of a husband and a hitman, talking through their contract. It also has enough dark humor to land it on the cusp twixt the Mystery/Thriller and Humor Tabs too, a prestigious honor indeed.

This is our fourth volume, and each year it’s gotten that much better than the last. You’d think by that standard that this is our best year to date, and IM(NS)HO you’d be right. All our stories this year are great, but quite a few are truly incredible. It’s been one of the unexpected pleasures of editing it each year that I’ve gotten to see this growth firsthand, and I am legit looking forward to our fifth anniversary edition coming next year.  I know I say this every year, but every year I’m right, dammit! Farkers truly are a talented lot. I hope you enjoy :- )


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