Writing Update

|| I’m happy to announce that I just finished updating my Published Works page!

First off my co-author and all around fantastic human being Mark Gardner coordinating translations of Brass Automaton, so you can now read it in Spanish (El Autómata de Latón), Italian (L’automa d’ottone), AND German (Der Messingmann). How cool is that!? And, not just that, he got an audio-book version available on Audible too for the English version.

Coves Updates.png

I’m also happy to announce the release of Everybody Panic! The 2018 Fark Fiction Anthology. Not only was it my pleasure to once again help edit it, but I’m honored to say that my short story Supr Ayum can be found under the humor tab. It’s a flash piece about trying to get help under the direst of circumstances in a world of increasingly miraculous technological promises. (It’s also gender neutral and wholly told through dialogue!) The Editors for the anthology also got together and wrote a post mortem about our experiences which may be helpful for anyone looking to put together their own anthology.

And, as a bonus, I just agreed to help my good friend Captain Dan Dornseif edit his manuscript on the history of the 727, having previously edited his first book, Boeing 737: The World’s Jetliner.

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