I’ll Never Get Over Nacho Grande

|| Sharing a pun laden reply I put on Fark in response to a satirical post that invoked Airplane’s Macho Grande as a humorous micro fiction. (And serious kudos if you followed that too!)

I remember Nacho Grande all too well. Sure the chips were down, and we all knew it too. But Sarge, well Sarge wouldn’t have none of that. He looked us in the eye and said, “K. So?” It may sound cheesy now, but it shredded our fears all the same. So when the firefight started, we were ready. Or thought we were.

It started mild at first but then turned fiery hot. Our counteroffensive soured, and we thought for sure we’d be creamed, but then reinforcements came. Sure they were a bunch of fresh tomatoes chopped straight out of boot camp, but they were led by none other than General Saul Suh himself. Victory was ours.

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