On Mornings

Sunrise|| There is something primal, magical about the early morning hours. The world is still quiet, people are still fast asleep, and the Sun is only just cresting the horizon…
In the Heart of Winter, it silhouettes the tree’s bare branches, and gives light to the snow, even as its frigidness clears the sky for mile upon mile…
In the Spirit of Spring it catches new green grass, and glistens off the drops scattered across leaves and twigs by the late night rains…
In the Warmth of Summer it is pleasantness bearing yet the promise of blue skies and rising heat…
In the Change of Autumn it lights the yellow, orange, and red leaves that yet remain, offering a crispness of more cold to come.
And so as the Sun begins its ascent, you move through the world with comfortable solitude, knowing that you’ll have company soon enough. Words flow easier when you write, the brush moves more deftly as you paint; even your formulas in Excel work on the very first try. Whatever the task, its easier, faster, and more pleasurable to accomplish.
Such is the magic of the early of mornings!  A magic that should be treasured, appreciated, cherished and enjoyed: all of which are best accomplished by partaking of it as little as possible.

2 thoughts on “On Mornings

    1. So, I have tried to no avail to find your email. I think what ever email you gave WordPress doesn’t come to me. :-/ So, I am definitely interested and you can email me at paul at dpaulangel dot com.
      (And thank you!)

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