Toxic False Equivalencies

A couple days ago Conservative cartoonist Glenn McCoy once again exemplified the Republican penchant for false equivalencies.  As you can see below, he tried to compare billionaire Betsy DeVos to six year old Ruby Bridges in Normal Rockwell’s iconic The Problem We All Live WithDeVos not only has no experience in education, but she donated thousands of dollars to the campaigns of every Senator who voted for her.  Far from wanting to improve our education system, she is instead a champion of vouchers; A more palatable description than the truth of tax payer funds going to support the teaching of extremist religious beliefs, scientific fallacies, and hatred. Bridges, on the other hand, was a six year old who happened to be black.  SIX! And it was literally hundreds of people tormenting Bridges for an entire year that forced her into being protected by the US Marshals.  DeVos ran from a handful of protesters voicing legitimate concerns about her literal legitimacy in holding a cabinet position, and conservatives think they are somehow analogous. It is galling this even needs explanation!


I had no words.  Really.  The utter arrogance and lack of self awareness required to not only argue that point, but to believe the argument was staggering to me.  So, instead I’m sharing the take of Kittiepie070, Farker extraordinaire, who said what I was feeling, only poetically (I added the center alignment):


for the word I want to say

a word that would set both birds and aircraft afire in flight

turn trees to dust-dry punk

turn steel cables to decayed twine

and melt granite boulders to slag.

Exactly. #Resist

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