|| America was Great at the end of Word War II.  We were instrumental in defeating Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan, both of whom committed atrocities in the name of Nationalism, Patriotism, and racial purity. Now, under the motto of “Make America Great Again” our Government is literally embracing the Fascism we fought against. They are enacting the same policies the Nazis did in their rise to power, and are being applauded for it by those who claim to be both “patriots” and “Christians.” In doing so they aren’t just choosing the opposite of what those both stand for, they are loudly cheering the same bigotry, ignorant nationalism, and cowardly fear that we stood against as a Nation.  That had once defined our greatness.

Even though most of us are horrified, disgusted, and saddened by this, we still have to own it.  This situation did not develop in a vacuum, it was not the sudden flipping of a switch that brought us here; it was decades of continued oppression of women, people of color, and members of the LGBTQ community that laid the framework.  However hard we have worked against that oppression, however fixated on justice we have been, this is still us.  It is being done in our name, and the only way to take back the ideals of our country is to resist every despicable appointment, every deplorable law, and every odious shout celebrating the pain and suffering of our fellow people.


Replies, especially critiques, are strongly encouraged by the establishment.

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