Justice Windows

20160703_110333~2~2I am happy to share that one of my photographs was selected to be displayed in the Justice Window Sidewalk Gallery. In a totally cool Portland thing, the Multnomah County Justice Center, home to the Multnomah County Jail and Portland Police Bureau, has three large windows on the South side of the building. The pieces displayed are rotated every month, and a wide variety of local artist groups are represented.

July’s honors goes to the Three Rivers Artist Guild, which I joined at the beginning of the year, and the Pacific Northwest Sculptors. The pictures here don’t really do justice* to the pieces, because of the reflections on the glass. Even Portland’s downtown is green, as you can see from all the tree reflections overlaying the artwork. The artwork TRAG’s showing encompasses a wide range of mediums, including wood, recycled materials, charcoal drawings, paintings, ceramics, Etch-a-Sketchs(!) and, of course, photography. We have a lot of ridiculously talented artist in the Guild, and it’s really awesome for us to be able to share that with the myriad of people passing by the display.



I hadn’t heard of Pacific Northwest Sculptors before meeting some of their members during the installation. I really liked their pieces, and the metalwork is fantastic. I’ve always had an interest in sculpting, but beyond a two-day soapstone sculpting class I haven’t pursued it, so I’m looking forward to getting some more information and maybe even getting a chance to watch some of them work!


So, long story short, if you find yourself downtown, it’s at the corner of of SW Madison and SW 2nd, right by the Eastbound approach to the Hawthorne Bridge, and there really are some beautiful works, you can at least enjoy, if not buy. If you’re not in the neighborhood of downtown Portland, then you should correct that immediately and get down there!



*Pun totally intended

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