Every job I have ever had has entailed dealing with, "That Guy," at some point. In my experience he has always been an overweight, middle aged white guy who spends more time bloviating than working. He's the time-sink that ambles door to door, holding forth on the topics of the day with the arrogant assurance … Continue reading Drumpf

Batman v. Superman

|| Since I went into Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice with very low expectations, I wasn't disappointed. Indeed, it's a movie best seen by buying your brain some popcorn, maybe a soda, and sitting it on the seat next to you. You really won't be needing it, as the less you think about the … Continue reading Batman v. Superman


|| I get most of my photos printed through Adoramapix, and since they were having a sale on posters earlier this week, I went ahead and picked some up for selling in the Gallery later this year. I've noticed that there aren't as many "panorama" sized prints out there, so I decided to try ordering … Continue reading Posters