|| Axis and Allies, War at Sea was a miniature, table top war game from Wizards of the Coast. As with just about any such game I have ever invested in, it had a rich run for a couple, few years and is now gone. However, having already bought so many of the ships, I’ve decided to go ahead and hang on to them. Not only did they come pre-painted and ready to go, but they were cheap enough that I could collect enough for both sides of the battle. Usually with table top wargames, such as Warhammer 40k, unless you have significantly more time and money than I, you can only collect a single army. Playing the game requires not just another player, but another player with their own army too. I invested enough in WaS, however, that I can fully support 3 separate fleet battles simultaneously!

Even so, when a game goes gently into that good light, it makes the battles become a little more stale every time you play. There are no new units to try out, no new rules quirks to explore, and the there are only so many scenarios you can come up with. To bring some of the spark back to playing, I came up with the alternate set of rules below. They are designed to capture the fun of closed box battles, and the excitement of entering battle without knowing what your force will be until you open the box. I realize the target audience of these rules is rather small, and only getting smaller, but for those who do still play, I hope it can help create some interesting battles, and spawn some fun afternoons.

WaS ReBoxxen

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