Hello 20th Century! How’s things?

|| I woke up this morning to a distinct lack of Internets and Cable TV. After the requisite, infuriating call to Comcast customer support they sent out an incredibly awesome tech. The tech, a contractor, spent over an hour trying to find some way to fix the difficulty: physicsl damage to the underground cable. Even with both of us pulling as hard as we could, the old cable was not coming out of the conduit. The only solution is burying new cable and conduit, with an estimated start day of no sooner than Feb 1st.

That’s right. Overnight I returned to the 20th Century. I expect there is going to be significantly more writing and reading done, and a lot less time spent falling into the Internets’ timesink. Portland is also blessed with a wealth of cafe’s, coffee shops, and pubs with WiFi, so I may get out more too!

Until then, I’ll be rationing the 1GB I have of 4G speed on my phone and binge watching Simpson’s DVD’s (which I had almost completely forgotten about). It will also force me to try some new things (like WordPress’s Droid App!), and doing some more of those edits I’ve been meaning to get to.

And, if nothing else, at least I have plenty of snacks 🙂

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