My Newest Bio

|| With my photos now up at the Three Rivers Artist Guild‘s Singer Hill Cafe Gallery, I was asked to provide a bio to accompany my work. Below is what I submitted, with an emphasis on my photography, brevity, and humor of course.

Paul is a photographer, writer, and nerd; though not necessarily in that order. He has a wide, eclectic range of interests, and after 15 years in the legal field* he is turning his eye towards more creative pursuits. He is fascinated by Transition, Texture, and Scale, and his photos most often include one or more of these elements. The exception of course being when the photo is just plain, “wicked cool,” and additional layers of meaning are neither required, nor desired.

Paul’s writings thus far have primarily been short “Flash” fiction pieces of less than 1,000 words. All of which can be found on his blog, He also populates his blog with reviews, cleverness, and more puns than are strictly warranted. His current work in progress is a suspenseful, SciFi Novella, which he is looking to complete by the end of January.

*No, Paul is not a lawyer, but he has assisted them in dozens of trials. In addition to Legalese, he is also fluent in Geek, Nerd, and several dialects of Jargon.

Replies, especially critiques, are strongly encouraged by the establishment.

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