Draugur’s Tale (Part II)

Draugur’s Tale (Part II)
D. Paul Angel
380 Words

My stepson is on a bit of Dungeons & Dragons kick, and is wanting to take us through a dungeon in the future. I created my character, a rather capable (I hope!) dwarf whom you shall be introduced to below, as a way of creating his background. It is also a way for me to play with writing serialized High Fantasy, in all of its troptastic glory.
It may also make more sense if you start at the Beginning. May. – DPA

Draugur walked down row after row of Kaltgier’s clerks. The signet ring, as he had expected, had granted him far more access than he could have hoped for otherwise. Kaltgier may have the facade of a wealthy, respected Baron, but normal businesses don’t often have Dwarf fighters casually saunter through their offices. Even when the odd clerk did look up and see Draugur’s mail and assortment of axes they scarcely took notice. That’s either the best sign yet, thought Draugur, or the worst.

The hall was long, with a high ceiling supported by sweeping arches, placed farther apart than Draugur’s builder’s eye thought prudent. Clearly built by humans, he thought, continuing onwards.

Despite the rooms thick, stone walls there was a distinct draft that flickered the multitude of oil lamps around the desks and columns. Draugur’s thick boots were muffled by the yard wide carpet that ran the length of the room along with the shuffling of papers and scratching of quills. That and his height meant his approach to the far, gilded doors came sooner than the half dozen human guards had expected. They were still trying to position themselves as Draugur simply pushed through them, once again holding up the signet ring as a totem of passage.

He pushed the massive, oak door open with a single, great heave. He knew from their height they’d be heavy, but wasn’t expecting them to be so lightly balanced that his thrust would violently slam it open. With a dull thud the door slammed against a pair of guards inside, crumpling them into an awkward heap. Draugur barely regarded them before turning his attention to the high dais on which Kaltgier sat, looking down on a trio of Nobles and a tonsured Cleric.

Draugur took the initiative in speaking before Kaltgier could finish either standing up or articulating an oath, “Nice doors, Kaltgier. Too finely balanced for human work though, so you’ve clearly worked with dwarves before.”

With a flick of his hands Kaltgier dismissed the group kneeling before him and regarded Draugur with an icy, malevolent glare. A glare Draugur matched with thrice a lifetimes worth of Dwarven fortitude. “Well Kaltgier,” he said, breaking the silence, “are we going to talk, or do you just like staring at me beard?”

Draugur’s Tale continues in Part III!


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