Well Sh!t

So, I am literally only a couple posts into this write-every-day-and-post-it-challenge and I am already realizing the error of my ways. Sort of. I posted the review of the Wheel of Time series, even though I didn’t feel that great about it. Nor did I particularly feel all that pleased with Wash is My Co-Pilot. I was working on today’s piece about the webcomic Blue Milk Special when I realized what the problem was.

I’m trying too hard.

Simply put, my brain keeps saying, “This is non-fiction, engage Undergrad Essay Mode in 3… 2.. 1.” And I did. So instead of talking about things I like, or enjoy, or simply need talking about with you, dearest of dear reader, I am talking at you. I’m right smack dab back in 500 word essay land, with the introductory paragraph, three supporting paragraphs (one for each point in the introduction of course), and a nicely rounded conclusion tying it all together. It is an academic marvel and I have no doubt if and when I go back to school I will do just fine with it.

But it’s not what I want to do here right now. Because this is meant to be me, being me. And that means throwing out such tried and true grammar rules as not starting sentences with, “but,” “because,” and/or “and.” That’s what I mean by trying to hard. I’m not looking for a grade, I’m looking for an outlet. I’m looking for a way to share the randomness that is the 3D Venn Diagram that I call my brain. In a nutshell, WordPress, let alone the Internets, doesn’t need another voice droning on in logorrheaic bloviation. So from here on out, I shall strive to not be that voice.

Wish me luck!

PS- Please don’t wait on me to get my shit together to read Blue Milk Special. That link goes to the very first one! I’ve already done the heavy lifting for you! And, once you read what I have to say about it, you’ll want to click it anyways. You can trust me: I’m a writer.

PPS- Yes I will go back through and likely redo my WoT and Wash pieces, but for now I’m going to keep on keeping on!

PPPS- Yeah, I’m not really sure what that’s supposed to mean either, but just like slashies, PS’s ought’n to come in 3’s.

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