Write More Right Now

I started this blog about a year and a half ago. When I first created it, I populated it with several different categories, as a means of organizing the subjects I wanted to write about. I have done an OK job of posting #FridayFlash pieces, but have pretty much neglected everything else. So, I am going to try and do something about it!

Turns out I have 10 categories (outside of #FridayFlash) and SHINY!I have a 10 sided die. (OK, so I actually have a lot d10’s, this one is especially cool though!) So, the experiment, starting tonight, is to roll the die and write in whatever category comes up. That way there is a bit of a constraint to it, and I don’t get lost in wondering what I need to write about. The die itself is part of a set that was an awesome birthday gift from my ex-wife. They are kickass dice and, as you can see, solid metal πŸ™‚

I’m also giving myself leeway in that, unlike the #FridayFlash, these don’t need to be heavily edited and well polished pieces. Instead, I see them more as sharing my thoughts, random as they may be, and practicing the ancient art of translating what is in my head onto the page.

I hope you enjoy πŸ™‚

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