Mrs. Black’s Withering Glare

Last week I posted "Mr. Black's Knowing Wink" as a one off #FridayFlash.  There were several comments that wondered after Dolores fate, so I was inspired to continue her story... Mrs. Black's Withering Glare D. Paul Angel 1,000 Words Dolores sat at the interrogation with her head down in silence. The Police had come in … Continue reading Mrs. Black’s Withering Glare

Mr. Black’s Knowing Wink

Mr. Black's Knowing Wink D. Paul Angel 750 Words Dolores rushed into the kitchen to pull the roast out. The buzzer on the oven had stuck again, and she had lost track of time polishing the silver for dinner with Ableforth's boss tonight. She'd asked Ableforth to fix it, but his reply was the same … Continue reading Mr. Black’s Knowing Wink