Just Physics

Just Physics
D. Paul Angel
200 Words

Meanwhile, back at the Hall of Justice…

“I got here as soon as I could, Batman, what’s wrong?”

“I’m glad you’re here Superman, there’s disaster in the kitchenette.”

“You called me back for a problem with the kitchenette?”

“Yes. I warned you not to replace the Batspresso maker with a Keurig.”

“I don’t have time for this, Batman.”

“Flash was arguing with Green Lantern about Star Trek again.”

“I have even less time. Luther’s about to attack the Infinitorium.”

“Doesn’t matter.”

“What do you mean it doesn’t matter? It could be catastrophic!”

“It’s too late, Superman, they’re already dead.”


“They just don’t know it.”

“Then I have to go now!

“Flash was pushing the button to make the coffee stronger when Green Lantern told him that Wesley Crusher would take Kirk in a fight.”

“Get to the point, Batman!”

“Flash pushed the button faster than the Keurig could handle. It brewed a cup of so strong that it collapsed into a black hole..”



“How do we stop it?”

“Stop it?”

“Yes! How do we fix it?”

“It’s a black hole, there is no fix. Even Super Heroes have to obey the Laws of Physics.”


20 thoughts on “Just Physics

  1. This was great, when someone manages to pull off a dialogue only short story I’m always impressed, those are hard. Anyway, awesome story.

  2. Batspresso machines could be a big seller, the next George Foreman grill. But not a grill. Superheroes seem to have this air of invincibility about them. Good to know they are subject to the laws of physics like the rest of us.

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