Finding Jesus

#FridayFlash: Finding Jesus
D. Paul Angel
99 Words

“Good morning, Ma’am.”

“Why, good morning! Don’t you young men look nice in your matching suits? I expect you’re here to sell encyclopedias. Well, you can still have some hard licorice… but only two pieces each, mind.”

“Thank you Ma’am, but we’re not here to sell you anything. We’re here to talk to you about our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Have you found Him, Ma’am?”

“Why, I did just yesterday.”

“Yesterday? Our timing must be his blessing then! Would you mind sharing your testimony of how you found him?”

“Oh I just used the Google. It finds everything.”


9 thoughts on “Finding Jesus

    1. Indeed! I still remember when google supplanted Alta Vista for my internet searches! Te plain page loaded so fast and I loved the “I’m feeling lucky button!”

      I was thinking about this story just today and realized an even better last line, “Oh I just used the google, ninety-six and half million hits in less than a quarter second!”

      Always think about these things too late 🙂

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