Welcome to my little cottage on the coast.  Of course not only do I not actually have a cottage on the Coast, I don’t even a cottage.  It does make for a nice metaphor, however, so I’m going to keep it.  I started my previous blog several years ago.  It was going to be a home for my Friday Flash submissions and a jumping off point for all my various and sundry projects.  In creating it I was trying to create an affect that would help sell it and drive traffic there.  The reality was far closer to the XKCD you see below, and rightly so.

This came out shortly after I read Ender's Game for the first time and I laughed far harder than is likely appropriate.

It wasn’t, to be wholly honest, me.  It was instead my attempt to market me.  So none of the grand plans I had for it ever quite materialized because, truth be told, I kinda suck at marketing.  So I shuttered it and started fresh.  I’m now on WordPress and hope to one day be hosting this little thing all by myself.  You may notice I have quite a few categories up there, but in all honesty they are fewer than one might think.  They are all, in one way, shape, or form merely my thoughts.  The categories are just for ease of navigating them in the highly unlikely event that you’re not interested in all of them.

Crazy talk I know.

So please come in, take off your shoes, and help yourself to your beverage of choice.  (Don’t worry, I won’t judge.)  I have comments enabled throughout and hope you use them.  I really do want to know your thoughts, and especially your critiques.  That’s how you learn, think, and improve.

Enjoy your visit!


Replies, especially critiques, are strongly encouraged by the establishment.

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