Welcome to dpaulangel.com, my cozy little cottage by the sea on the Internets, where I explore my creativity.  I am both a writer and a photographer, (and nerd), and this is where I share my contributions to both.  If you’re interested in more about me, I have the requisite About Page and a special bonus Aboot Page too! Which was totally planned and had nothing to do with me initially not understanding how wordpress works.  Nothing at all.  Totally. So please come in, pull up a comfy chair, and check things out!



My photo gallery showcases the works I am currently selling through the Three Rivers Artist’s Guild, and now includes greeting cards as well!  And, if that’s not enough, I have many, many more photos uploaded to flickr courtesy of my Canon T3 and I’m regularly posting on Instagram now too, from my LG G Stylus.


On the writing side of things, you can find my running catalogue of previous posts courtesy of the ubiquitous Uncategorized page, or you can head over to my Writing page for an overview of my categories and Emoji guide, as well as a list of my published works.

Finally, while I don’t have a specific page for nerdery, and/or puns, rest assured they both pervade the entirety of the site!